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Sampling Services
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Design & Manufacturing
PORTFOLIOSCustom Formulation & Testing
of High Temperature Ink and Logo Stamp for a High Alumina Refractory Company
Custom Formulation & Testing
of High Temperature Ink for Aluminum Zirconium Silicate substrate for the Glass Industry in the United Kingdom
Testing of High Temperature
Ink for a Calcium Aluminum Silicate Refractory in the Aluminum Industry in the Czech Republic
Custom Manufactured
Wax Resistant Stamp
for the Brick Industry
Custom Manufactured Stamps for the Aerospace/Airplane Industry using CO2 Lazer Technology

About Innovative Ceramics Corp.

Innovative Ceramic provides creative solutions to product identification and decoration. We provide inks, marking devices, decals, and tools to provide our customers with solutions to their marking requirements. Our target is the ceramic industry and all others who either are using or assembling ceramic components for other industries. We will test your products to provide custom solutions. In the future, our knowledge of your product and process will allow us to facilitate whether our newer products would be an improvement to your process.

Our services include testing your substrate for compatibility to a battery of materials to derive a custom ink formulation. Testing will follow your process from the point the product is marked, through the full firing process. If the application temperature environment is higher we will include the test. After results are evaluated we will recommend an ink, and provide you with a sample for process testing and evaluation.

Our Quality Stamp Center has been manufacturing rubber stamp since 1906. It is rich in experience in providing marking devices to the ceramic industry. We make stamps for all purposes and for all industries. Not all inks are compatible with all stamp materials. We match stamp compatibly with the ink.

We are an engineer base manufacturer of high temperature inks and rubber stamps. We are located in the ceramic capital of the world, 432 Walnut Street, East Liverpool, Ohio 43920 U.S.A. We supply helpful tools and provide allied products to compliment our products. We are constantly increasing the depth and breadth of our product offering to meet our mission: To provide creative solution to product identification and decoration.

There are a lot of companies that offer inks, but only a few manufacture high temperature inks. Of those that do, we are the only company providing custom formulation and testing of high temperature ink for your products.


Read the Ceramic Industries Article: "RAT - The Mark of Success" for marking ceramic products.

Read our press release.

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