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High Temperature Ceramic Inks Design & Manufacturing

DuraFire Ink™
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DuraFire Ink™

DuraFire Ink™
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DuraFire Ink™

Innovative Ceramic Corp designs and manufactures a large variety of high-temperature ceramic inks to meet virtually any custom application. Simply provide us your project details, such as at what point in the process the product will be marked - for example, green state, wet, dried, before or after glaze, bisque, after fire, etc. - how much handling and how soon after marking, firing temperature and cycle, and so forth, and our professional ink manufacturers will provide the correct ceramic ink to fulfill your particular needs.

Our DuraFire ™ marking inks offer a high-temperature (firing) from 593°C (1100°F) to 1649°C (3000°F) and provide customers with a variety of benefits. They are simple to apply, opaque, very fluid, safe, and easy to clean up. In addition, they can work with a wide range of refractory materials, such as alumina, cordierite, fire clay, fused aluminum zirconium silicate, fused silica, mullite, silicon carbide, zircon, and zirconia. They can also work with earthenware, glass, and porcelain materials. Just let us know what material you need to work with, and we can design and manufacture the right ceramic ink for you!

At Innovative Ceramic Corp, we offer in-house material testing up to 3100°F for materials up to 3.5 X 3.5 X 4 inches in size. With the ability to meet the needs of a wide range of industries, from refractory, electronics, glass, art, whitewares, and engineering ceramics, we invite you to contact our company today for more information about our high-temperature ceramic ink design and manufacturing services.

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Custom High Temperature Ink Services Specifications

General Capabilities Bulk
Contract Manufacturing
Ink Type DuraFire ™ Marking Inks High Temperature
Working Temperature Range
593° C
1100° F
1649° C
3000° F
Refractory Materials
Fire Clay
Fused Aluminum Zirconium Silicate
Fused Silica
Silicon Carbide
Other materials upon request
In-house Material Testing
Testing up to 3100o F (1700 C) Materials up to 3.5W X 4H X 3.5D"
(89 x 100 x 89 mm)

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