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Custom Manufactured Wax Resistant Stamp for the Brick Industry

custom manufactured stamp for brick industry
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custom manufactured stamp for brick industry.

Recently, a client from Endicott, Nebraska contracted Innovative Ceramic Corporation to design and produce a custom manufactured, wax resistant stamp. This stamp would be attached to a roller used to apply a wax emulsion to bricks. This wax emulsion would prevent glaze adherence to the area of the brick where this wax is applied.

Using our advanced, photopolymer plate processor, we constructed this stamp from photopolymer material. We also laminated a matte film to the back of the die. Based off a customer supplied print, we manufactured this stamp to measure precisely 12 inches in length and 9.25 inches in width, with a weight of 5.88 ounces. The custom stamp also possessed a line width of 0.125 of an inch, a raised line height of 0.1498 of an inch, a raised base height of 0.0799 of an inch, and a 46.7% image relief. This product also featured a random spider web pattern.

After the stamps were manufactured, we fully evaluated each unit for flaws. We optically checked the die contour, measured the stamp to determine relief, and took an impression to ensure the stamp meets quality standards. Once we were assured that our custom manufactured stamp met with our client's high expectations for design and quality, we shipped this stamp to our client's facility in Nebraska.

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Custom Wax Resistant Stamp Project Highlights

Capabilities Applied/ProcessesPhotopolymer Technology
Equipment Used to Manufacture PartPhotopolymer Plate Processor
Overall Part Dimensions
Length:12"304.8 mm
Width:9.25"234.95 mm
Line Width:0.125"3.175 mm
Raised Line Height:0.1498"3.80492 mm
Raised Base Height:0.0799"2.020046 mm
Image Relief:46.7%
Tightest Tolerances0 inches
Material UsedPhotopolymer
Material FinishMatte Film Laminated to Back of Die
FeaturesRandom Spider Web Pattern
In process testing performedDie Contour Optically Checked; Measured to Determine Relief; Impression Taken to Ensure it Meets Quality Standards.
Estimated Part Weight5.88 oz   166.7 grams
Industry for UseBrick
Delivery LocationEndicott, Nebraska
Standards MetCustomer Supplied, 2D Print
Product NameWax Resist Stamp
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