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Custom Manufactured Stamps for the Aerospace/Airplane Industry using CO2 Lazer Technology

Custom Manufactured Stamps for the Aerospace/Airplane Industry using CO2 Laser Technology

Stamp in different sizes
[actual size shown, click to enlarge]
Stamp in different sizes

Stamp on Silicone Diaphram
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Stamp on Silicone Diaphram

With a strong reputation for designing and manufacturing high-quality custom stamps, Innovative Ceramic Corporation was contacted by a Aerospace/Airline client from Newell, West Virginia to produce a series of custom peg stamps for the - diaphragm industry. Using our advanced CO2 laser technology, we created three rubber stamps of various sizes, based off a customer supplied, 2D print.

Each stamp featured the numbers "393" placed in the center of an "oval" shape. We also glued dies to both the foam and mount of every manufactured unit. The small stamp measured 0.065 of an inch high and 0.083 of an inch wide, with a number height and width measurement of 0.034 by 0.055 of an inch. The medium sized stamp measured 0.100 of an inch high and 0.127of an inch wide, with a number height and width measurement of 0.052 by 0.085 of an inch. Finally, the large stamp measured 0.172 of an inch high and 0.218 of an inch wide, with a number height and width measurement of 0.090 by 0.146 of an inch. Estimated part weight for all stamps equaled anywhere between 0.05 to 0.06 of an ounce.

After these custom peg stamps were manufactured, we then fully examined each stamp to ensure they met high client expectations for design and quality. Tests included optically checking the die contour, measurements to determine its relief and taking impressions to guarantee all peg stamps met superior standards. After all stamps were tested and approved for quality, we then packed and delivered these products to our customer's facility in West Virginia.

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Custom Manufactured Stamps Project Highlights

Capabilities Applied/Processes CO2 Laser Technology
Equipment Used to Manufacture Part CO2 Laser
Overall Part Dimensions
Height: 0.065" (1.651 mm)
Width: 0.083" (2.1082 mm)
Numbers Height: 0.034 (0.8636 mm)
Number Width: 0.055 (1.397 mm)
Height: 0.100" (2.540 mm)
Width: 0.127" (3.2258 mm)
Numbers Height: 0.052" (1.3208 mm)
Numbers Width: 0.085" (2.159 mm)
Height: 0.172" (4.3688 mm)
Width: 0.218" (5.5372 mm)
Numbers Height: 0.090" (2.286 mm)
Numbers Width: 0.146" (3.7084 mm)
Tightest Tolerances 0 inches
Material Used Laser Rubber
Material Finish Dies glued to foam and mount
Features Numbers "393" center in an "oval" are Manufactured into the Stamp
In process testing performed Measurements taken to determine proper image relief, contour and impressions to ensure it meets quality standards
Estimated Part Weight 0.05 to 0.06 oz  (1.4 to 1.7 grams)
Delivery Location Newell, West Virginia
Standards Met Customer Supplied, 2D CAD Print
Product Name Peg Stamp
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