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PORTFOLIOSCustom Formulation & Testing
of High Temperature Ink and Logo Stamp for a High Alumina Refractory Company
Custom Formulation & Testing
of High Temperature Ink for Aluminum Zirconium Silicate substrate for the Glass Industry in the United Kingdom
Testing of High Temperature
Ink for a Calcium Aluminum Silicate Refractory in the Aluminum Industry in the Czech Republic
Custom Manufactured
Wax Resistant Stamp
for the Brick Industry
Custom Manufactured Stamps for the Aerospace/Airplane Industry using CO2 Lazer Technology

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High Temperature Ceramic Inks Design & Manufacturing

If you are interested in our High Temperature Ceramic Inks Design & Manufacturing Service please note that our inks are custom made for your application and will need to create a ink sample for you. Here's what we'll need:

  • Complete this Product Identification Application Requirements
  • We will need a sample of your product to test with:
    Please send a sample of your product to Innovative Ceramic Corp., 432 Walnut Street, East Liverpool, Ohio 43920-3130. Size of the sample preferably should be no bigger than 3.5" wide x 3.5" long x 4" high (89 mm x 89 mm x 100 mm), or smaller which is preferred. Two samples required.
  • Answer these brief questions regarding your product:
    • What is the chemical composition in oxide form?
    • What is the porosity and % absorption?
    • What type of material(s) used (eg. Kyanite, Mullite,Cordierite etc.)?
    • What is the burn rate including the hold times and temperatures to simulate the production firing?

Custom Rubber Stamps, Design, & Manufacturing
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