Custom Formulation & Testing of High-Temperature Ink and Logo Stamp for a High Alumina Refractory Company

Innovative Ceramic Corporation tested the customer’s product with several materials before formulating a blue and black high temperature marking ink for a high alumina tile. The customer’s (CERCO LLC) high alumina tiles are used in the coal fired power generation, pulp & paper, grain handling & processing, iron & steel making, and mining & minerals processing industries. Using the DuraFire™ inks to mark the alumina allowed the client to track and document the products history, identify tile position within a matrix, and lifecycle, while creating brand awareness. Once an in-service date is applied to products, end-users are better able to objectively differentiate between OEM products to assess optimum value and service life. The blue and black inks was applied to an Alumina substrate and fired at 3,000°F. Once fired at that extreme temperature, the water-based, non-toxic, non-flammable, zero -VOC ink marking becomes permanent. DuraFire™ Inks cleans up easily with only water and without the need of solvents. Regular product markings simply burn off at high temperatures. At Innovative Ceramic in East Liverpool, Ohio, the product was developed to customer specifications and the new product was shipped to the client in three months located in Shreve, Ohio.

Custom High-Temperature Ink & Logo Stamp Project Highlights

Product Description

Our client utilized our 44W402, and 66W202 DuraFire™ Marking Inks was used to mark high alumina, which enabled them to document product history, identify tile position within a matrix and track product life.

Capabilities of Ink

Document Product History
Identify Tile Position Within a Matrix
Track Product Life
Create Brand Awareness

Firing Temperature


Substrate Material Used

High Alumina (Al203)

Ink Color



Marking Becomes Permanent Once Fired
Zero VOC’s
Ink Cleans up With Water

Industry for Use

Coal Fired Power Generation, Pulp & Paper, Grain Handling & Process, Iron & Steel Making, and Mining & Mineral Processing

Turn Around Time

3 Months

Delivery Location

Shreve, Ohio

Standards Met

Customer supplied specifications

Product Name

44W402, and 66W202 DuraFire™ Marking Ink