Custom Rubber Stamps

Whatever your stamping requirements, Innovative Ceramic Corporation designs and manufactures a wide variety of custom rubber inspector stamps to best suit your particular project applications. We make and repair stamps for practically every purpose imaginable, meeting the needs of multiple industries. Our stamp types include hand cushion, peg, rocker, self-inking, pre-ink, die plate daters, pocket, band, numberer, pricer, ribtype, phrase, teacher phrase, signature, art, and pencil top.

We also produce notary, professional, corporate, and personal seal press embossers. We can even create customized self-inkers if requested. In addition, our custom made rubber stamps can be designed and manufactured in virtually any size. Our stamp sizes range from 0.031 by 0.055 of an inch at the minimum, to maximum sizes determined by material choice and other factors.

Innovative Ceramic Corporation also offers a large variety of stamp pad options, such as felt or foam pads, stone stamp pads, finger print pads, reversible pads, and opaque pads. Our stamp pads can be manufactured to measure anywhere between 1.75 by 2.5 inches, to 9.5 by 12.25 inches (pads are listed under Specialty Inks). Our selection of inks can be used with almost any material, including both uncoated and coated paper, as well as cellophane and wax paper, styrene, fabric, coatings (paint, varnish & enamel surfaces), wood, plastics, glass, metal, and rubber. We also produce invisible inks, ink thinners, retarders, and cleaners. Our high-temperature inks offer non-firing capabilities up to 427°C (800°F).

At Innovative Ceramic Corporation, our custom rubber stamp design and manufacturing services allow us to create stamps that can be used for a wide variety of applications. For more information about our broad array of custom rubber stamp options, contact our company today!


Featured Manufacturers

We have the entire product line for the following featured manufacturers: Shiny, Trodat, Cosco, and Universal Marketing.


Shiny’s wide range of highly regarded products are well known for their world-class quality. Modern, attractive designs combined with unmatched durability and consistency make Shiny-branded products the smart choice.

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For over 100 years Trodat has been at the forefront of innovation in the rubber stamp industry. From the best-selling self-inking stamp in the world, the Trodat Printy, to the premium MaxLight pre-inked stamps, Trodat continues to raise the bar against the competition, and provide end-users the best products available on the market.

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American's popular, most versatile line of band stamps. Perfect for coding, pricing, and identification marking. They manufacture many special arrangements and assemblies.

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Universal Stenciling & Marking Systems

Universal Stenciling & Marking Systems is dedicated to the advancement of contact coaling technology and through research, and innovative designs, their products have remained one of the most efficient and cost effective methods of coding currently available.

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The Quality Stamp Company of East Liverpool, Ohio produced backstamps and decorative pieces for many of the potteries in the area. View a few examples of stamps made for pottery & china companies in the past, created from engravings on metal sheets.

The linked site is an educational and historical site which provides some past information on the methods our sister company – The Quality Stamp Company – uses to create rubber stamps. It also talks about some of the well-known companies that have used Quality Stamp’s backstamps. Our Quality Stamp Center is The Quality Stamp Company (since 1906), an Innovative Ceramic Corporation Company.


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