Custom Formulation & Testing of High-Temperature Ink for Aluminum Zirconium Silicate Substrate for the Glass Industry

A client in the United Kingdom had been marking product codes and batch numbers into its ceramics in the green state using a sharp tool. The problem with scratching is that it can time consuming, the numbers can easily be removes if handle in the area of the mark before fire, and also can be very difficult to locate after fire. Our black 66W201 DuraFire™ marking ink was applied to the client’s aluminum zirconium silicate substrate and fired at 1510°C at which point the markings became permanent. Our water-based, non-toxic ink is also zero VOC and can be cleaned up with water.

Stamping the relevant codes and batch numbers proved to be a much faster and easier alternative to scratching them in while also producing a very durable, permanent record. The customer was pleased with the ease of application as well as the legibility and durability of the ink.

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Custom Formulation & Testing of High-Temperature Ink Project Highlights

Product Description

66W201 DuraFire™ Marking Ink used to mark ceramic

Products Supplied

5 kg 66W201 DuraFire™ Marking Ink, 5 Stamp Pads #1 3.5″ x 4.25″
(89 mm x 108 mm)

Capabilities of Ink

Provides product codes, and Traceability of Products in the field.

  • Had to Scratch Numbers in the green state w/Sharp Tools in the Past. In the green state the numbers can be easily be rubbed away. It is also very difficult to locate on fired ware.
  • Stamp Product Batch Number
  • Stamp Product Code

Remains Legible During use in Glass Industry

Firing Temperature

1510° C

Substrate Material Used

Aluminum Zirconium Silicate

Ink Color



Marking Becomes Permanent Once Fired
Zero VOC’s

Product Cleans up With Water
Time savings over scratching in numbers, also those numbers can easy be rubbed a way in the green state and are hard to locate numbers on fired ware.

Industry for Use


Turn Around Time

Three Months (Development Time)

Delivery Location

United Kingdom

Standards Met

Customer supplied specifications

Product Name

66W201 DuraFire™ Marking Ink